Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the questions you have asked us in the past, and it will help you better understand what goes on in a grooming salon.

Q: Why do times vary for the collection of pets?
A: Grooming times vary from breed to breed. Smaller dogs can be finished quickly, larger dogs take a little more time, also even though we run an appointment service we can get held up with aggressive, elderly or nervous puppies, in which case sometimes we have to put them first as more relaxed clients are usually happy playing and waiting in the grooming room. We are only human and delays can occur, eg. reps turning up, drop-in nail clips, telephones ringing, etc.

Q: Why does my dog have to be clipped short this time?
A: From time to time we do have dogs that come in severely matted – we can remove a few tangles but to dematt a dog from start to finish is an extremely time-consuming, painful and expensive undertaking. Sometimes it is kinder to clip your pet short and start again which can involve extra cost as due to the severe matting we have to take longer as you cannot see what is skin and what is matting. We understand situations, ill health and time limits, etc, and we try to work with you to find a style which is easily managable once home. We also offer advice on the right grooming brushes and offer in between tidy-ups at a reasonable price. The last thing we want to do is to hurt any of our clients, one of the many reasons why our dogs are happy to come in time and time again for grooming.

Q: I’ve just acquired a puppy, when’s the best age to start grooming?
A: We get many puppies aged 6-12months coming in in quite a state. Even though most clips or styles are suited to that age range there is a lot that can be done in advance to prepare your baby. We offer free puppy sessions which can start as soon as your pup is vaccinated where we acclimatise them to grooming equipment and being handled. We can tidy up around eyes etc, and help you choose the right grooming tools as they differ from breed to breed and offer advice and techniques to use at home. Two or three half-hour puppy sessions up to 6months of age does wonders – with lots of cuddles and play time your puppy will grow to enjoy coming in to be groomed. Patience is the key. So many groomers will take a puppy on and then groom them from start to finish there and then, which some puppies are okay with, but the majority are frightened with clips looking uneven and untidy. We want you to be happy with the results with a cute baby that’s full of beans.

Q: Why weren’t my dog’s nails cut very short?
A: Some dogs have very long quicks in their nails, which is a sensitive blood vessel. If cut too short it can cause profuse bleeding and extreme pain. With our experience we trim nails as short as they can naturally go. Also there are some dogs that get extrememly stressed or aggressive during this procedure and we have to stop for the safety of both staff and your dog in which case there is no alternative but to contact a vet regarding them having them trimmed.

Q: My bitch is in season, can I still bring her?
A: It really depends on the situation. Normally no, but if we’re quite or at the end of the day we may be able to. It can cause a lot of stress to other dogs and can be uncomfortable for your girl.

Q: I’m not going home, I’ll just pop back in an hour or so – is this okay?
A: If you’re a regular client then this is not a problem as we can usually give you a good time estimate, but on occassion we do get behind and turning up early before the dog is done can cause a lot of stress and pressure. Some dogs are quite happy for the owners to wait, others get excited and fidget and try to jump off the table which can cause injury, which is why it is best to wait until you are contacted.

Q: My pet is aggressive, will you still groom him/her?
A: Yes we can, but please be flexible with time and dates as we have to allow a slot where extra help is available as it usually takes two people to groom an aggressive dog or cat. This may also apply to elderly pets who need a helping hand standing. Normally there is an extra charge for handling aggressive pets on top of the usual charge.